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In case you didn't read the previous page, this is a bike I built for a disabled friend. Adult training wheels are available but they are very expensive so I decided to try and build my own.

The bike itself was $25.00 at a garage sale. The small wheels came from an old child's bike, they are 12.5 inch tires. Flat metal bar was bent by hand for the supports and flat metal plate was bolted to the bike to mount the tire supports on.


The first attempt we made was using legs from an old work stool. We welded the fork from the child's bike to the chair leg. The plan was to somehow bolt the leg to the bike frame. This also meant we would need to find another bike and fork for the other side. This plan was discarded, but using the forks is not a bad idea if you have some laying around. I have seen home made bike trailers made this way.






I tried putting the flat metal bar into a vise and bending it. Much to my surprise it wasn't that hard to bend. I bent some conduit to loop over the wheel. I planned to run a support bar from this loop to the flat metal bar.

We test drove the bicycle this way. Had to be real careful riding around the shop cause the wheel stuck out so far it would catch on stools and carts or whatever else happened to be in the way. I had to remember that I was now a wide load.

Decided we better take it outside to test drive it. It wasn't going to tip over, that was for sure. It was however a bit hard to turn with that wheel sticking way out there. One poor lady who will remain nameless drove it straight into the ditch! We all had a good laugh and decided to move on to plan C.




Everything was working pretty well except that the bike was hard to turn with the wheel sticking out so far. I decided to bend another bar and make it shorter. This made it MUCH tougher to bend the bar in the vise. With the help of a strong guy, a crowbar and a sledge hammer we got the job done.


We used a plastic block to bring the metal plate out away from the frame on the side of the bike with the derailleur. Washers or other types of spacers could be used, a plastic block is just what was handy.

4 holes were drilled in the metal plate for the U-bolts which wrap around the frame. The bolts were then cut down with a hack saw so they would not stick out so far.

2 more holes were drilled in the plate to attach the training wheel supports to. The supports can be removed to make transporting the bike easier.


After the metal plate was bolted to the bike frame we attached the supports with clamps. This allowed us to test drive the bike and make adjustments before drilling the final mounting holes.

If you decide to build your own adult training wheels I would suggest you keep the total width down to about 28" wide. This bike is a bit wider than that and can just barely fit through the door with both wheels on.


I put some shrink wrap on the U-bolt ends just to help prevent anyone being scratched, trimmed the extra length off the flat bar and sanded all the sharp edges.

Ready to Ride!


If you decide to build a bike for a disabled person, we would love to see your pictures. If you have a story about a disabled person that rides a bike we would love to post it here as it will help encourage other people.
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